A D.C. Based Non-Profit Dedicated to Bringing Quality Food to the

Neglected Food Deserts of our City and Employing Chronically Under-

Employed Individuals in a Growth Driven Environment.

 Blossom's Mission

Blossom Bakery’s mission is to bring quality baked goods to “food deserts” in Washington, D.C.

providing growth driven employment to historically underemployed residents. 

These food deserts, mostly east of the Anacostia River, are neighborhoods where grocery stores are largely absent and most restaurants serve just fast food.  Years of poverty and racism have left these areas barren of quality food sources. While we hear every day about new restaurants and bakeries opening in affluent DC neighborhoods overflowing with an abundance of quality food outlets, Blossom provides healthful food where it is needed.   

Baked Goods

 We make small batch fresh baked items with high quality ingredients.  We currently sell our baked goods online and at local farmer markets and neighborhood stores.

Blossom's team consists of historically underemployed, including returning individuals, trained in a supportive, growth-driven environment.  We take the time to teach kitchen and customer service skills, focusing on soft skills such as interpersonal communications and active listening. 

We focus on increasing one's resilience in the face of daily struggles.  We incorporate mindfulness in to our work day, meditating on a regular basis and focusing on breath work as a way to calm the nervous system and one's reactions to the outside world.  Blossom aims to bring meaningful employment which can bring positive change to our team members and secondarily to their children and community.  


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